Saihoji Temple (Moss Garden) Tour Description

---Get the access to the most forbidden garden on the earth---

This tour visit:
  ・The Moss Garden
    of Saihoji Buddhist Temple

We will gain the permission to enter the garden on your behalf and show you around the miraculous Saihouji Temple.

Take this tour and you will be able to
  ・learn why Moss Garden is a miraculous
  ・see how the garden was originally designed
     in printed CG.
  ・witness the "Great Three Routines" that
     fostered the moss.
All the visitors to the Temple are requested to join a Buddhist activity (Buddshist Sutra copying or chanting) before entering the garden.
You also have the choice of visiting the garden on your own by only requesting us to gain the permission.

Nearby Attractions:
Katsura Imperial Villa, Matsunoo Shrine, Arashiyama scenic district etc.

Tour Duration and About the Guide

HALF DAY TOUR (approx. 2.5 Hours)

・Pick up service from your Hotel in Kyoto city centrak area is included.

・The guide will choose the most efficient way to travel to the area, and please show all the travel passes you have in Japan.

・The guide learned directly from the grandson of Mirei Shigemori, a famous Japanese gardener.

Guide / Reservation Only Fee and Other Expenses

---Guide Fee---
・20,000 yen per group for guiding

 (Temple reservation, tour guide’s transports and entrance fee are included in the above fee.)

---Reservation Only Fee---
・3,500 yen per group 

 (Reservation slip will be delivered to your hotel in Kyoto.)
The fee incurs only when the reservation is confirmed by the temple.

---Other Expenses---
・Your transports
 (we will choose the cheapest way to travel)

・Saihoji Temple entrance fee
 (3,000 yen pp)

Credit card is accepted for guide fee.
Other expenses should be paid at each site.
If you are JR Pass Holders, bring the pass for free train ride.

Matters that Require Attention

・Give us three weeks

Saihouji Temple issues the permission only by a reply-paid postcard, and we appreciate you contact us at least three weeks prior to your garden visit.

・Only the Temple knows the gate opening time

The temple gate only opens once a day, 10am in summer and 1pm in winter.
We only know the exact time only after receiving the permission.



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