About Kyoto Educational Tour

---We are a group of "National Government Licensed Guide Interpreters" specialized in Kyoto and Osaka---

 Each of us has guided over 5,000 international guests through travel agents, and guests' recommendations.

 After many years of experiences, we realized "what our passions are", "what we can best offer to our guests." In reality, however, we hardly had the opportunity to offer what we are really good at.

   Make the opportunity by ourselves, if we are not offered. This thought made us start "Kyoto Educational Tour."

   All the tours are set up by the expert in the field, and so you may find those tours a little maniac. Still we are sure you will enjoy the time with our experts!

Kyoko Sen (co-founder of Kyoto Educational Tour)

Born in Osaka, and graduated from a university in Osaka.
Despite her father's wish to keep her "sheltered", she started to travel abroad on her own.
Find the best suit job for her, "Tour Escort" and started to work for Japan Travel Bureau.
After lisensed as National Government Licensed Guide Interpreter, she started to work for a British travel company as an exclusive tour guide.

Co-founded Kyoto Educational Tour in 2019.
Published an e-reader about Japanese tea in 2021.

  ・National Government Licensed Guide
    (Certified as rank A)

  ・Domestic Travel Service Supervisor 
  ・Tour Conductor
  ・Japanese Tea Instructor
  ・Kimono Master

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