Have you ever thought,
"I saw a lot, but I feel I just scratched the surface…."
"Looking for a hands-on experience, and want to use the knowledge in real life."
"I want to be guided by a specialist, not by a generalist guide."
"One-day package tours don't include what I want, I would rather have my tour customized."

Kyoto Educational Tour offers Specialized Tours, as well as Privately Customized Tours to those who want to go deep under the surface.

We are the ideal tour guides, if you are interested in the following areas:
Zen Meditation, Japanese Gardens, Japanese Tea (Matcha and Sencha), Tea Ceremony, Geisha, and Street Food.

Specialized tours are pre-arranged, and those are put together as a whole day tour.

We also make reservations for Saihoji Temple (Moss garden), and Imperial Palace or Villas (Katsura-rikyu, Shugakuin-rikyu, and Sento-gosho).
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